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Streaks Ahead

We have the experience

Over the years Pace has always been on the front lines of cutting edge digital technology. We have delivered systems and applications to organizations in industries that range from mining and construction to retail and education.

Selected Works

We have selected a few of the projects we have completed over the years to show the diverse range of technology we deliver.

Soul City Institute

Rise Clubs for Young Women

The Rise Clubs for Young Women was a campaign by Soul City Institute to introduce active citizenship and community to young women through out South Africa. Soul City required a zero rated or free USSD service with a menu linked to the same database as the mobile app and an accompanying website.

Igagu Communications

Communications Portal

Long term retainer clients Igagu Communications required a client platform for communications. Pace developed Igagu's Communicator product in response, allowing clients to send CRM messages via Social Media, SMS and Email. The platform included message scheduling and multimedia content types.

Gert Sibande District

Website Extranet & Intranet

The GSDM were the first full Fulcrum ERP implementation. The disctrict's Fulcrum installation runs their Intranet, Extranet and Website. Feature packed with modules for mSCOA compliance, supply chain management and communications. Fulcrum was integrated with the Municipality's Microsoft products.


Website Branding & ORM

As a fledgling asset management brand Qrent needed a recognizable impact brand identity and online presence. With strong online competition Pace stepped in to create the brand, build the website, put it online and make it the number 1 Google result for laptop rentals in South Africa, all in 9 months.

Metquarter Malls

Website & Mobile Apps

When Metquarter Liverpool rebranded to embrace modern retail and e-commerce they asked Pace to build a balanced digital identity that would not impose on their world famous stores and still be flexible enough to include their independent store applications. Pace created a custom platform for Web and Mobile apps.

Chief Albert Luthuli

Bulk SMS Portal

Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality sends Bulk SMS messages on Fulcrum ERP's communication module. The module supports SMS responses, Recipient Groups, CSV import and export, SMS conversations and user specific SMS fields. CALM can send 40 000 SMS messages per/hr and recieve automatic weekly reports.


Website, Extranet & Apps

Umnothozwide Trading Enterprise is a supply and construction company mainly in the mining, civil and utilities space. Pace installed Fulcrum ERP to run Umnothozwide's Website Extranet and Mobile apps. Umnothozwide now runs all on site operations and financial support through Fulcum ERP.


Website, Extranet & Apps

Emalangeni Technologies is an I.C.T. company based in Mbombela, Mpumalanga. As a long term client and partner, Pace impressed upon Emalangeni the need to take its business processes into the cloud. Emalangeni started with Fulcrum's support module and are increasing its operating scope.

Sizwe Connect

Website, Extranet & Branding

Sizwe Connect formally a division of Sizwe I.T. Group has a long standing, sterling reputation in the connectivity space. Pace installed Fulcrum ERP for Sizwe to manage projects, clients, procurement, supply chain and human resources. Fulcrum powers Sizwe Connect's website extranet and mobile apps.

Ariella Murahwa

Website & Extranet

Ariella Murahwa are online, research and advance technology consultants. Ariella Murahwa uses Pace's Fulcrum ERP to manage client projects, affiliates, freelancers, human resources, accounting, finance and support. Ariella Murahwa's Fulcrum installation runs their Website. Extranet and Mobile Apps.

Pro Mechanics

Website & Online Marketing

Pro Mechanics are one of Pace's oldest clients. They came to us looking for a website for a mobile mechanic when they hadn't even started operating. Over the years Pace delivered a digital footprint that grew with them. They are now a fully fledged franchise and the number search result for all their services.


Website Online Store & App

Hdot Ubran Movement is young clothing and apparel brand based in South Africa. After building and delivering Hdot's online store and online marketing. Pace made Hdot, MzansiMart's first independant shopkeeper and the entire Hdot digital footprint continues to grow in rank and viewership.

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