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Our Services

We solve problems for a living

Our solutions innovate in order to solve problems and improve life. We believe in empowering our clients with technology that will add real measurable value to their organizations and help them achieve their goals.

We are driven to deliver value

Everyone at Pace Online believes that technology can help solve issues in all of our lives. We believe that as people we can gain something valuable by having the right tool available at the right time. Our drive to obtain this value for our clients - the people who count on us - is what gets us out of bed in the morning and our greatest reward.

Our Passion is your Advantage

1 year bug fix guarantee comes standard

At Pace we are always improving ourselves as individuals and as an organization. This is because we understand that a culture of innovation starts with you. Even after we hand your system over to you we will continue to research ways of improving it, and at no additional cost to you for up to 1 year afterward should you find a bug in your system we will fix it for free.

Technologically Sound

Agile Scrum Development

Pace uses its world class, integrated DevSecOps environment to deliver multi platform solutions. We specialize in responsive UIKit / Twitter Bootstrap based front-end interfaces and various stacks on the back-end including LAMP, MEAN and MERN. We also build JEE based applications and use native Android Java, native IOS Swift and Xamarin for mobile applications.

What We Do

Socio-Technical Systems

Pace builds multi-faceted systems from scratch. The SDLC never looked easier.

Web Development

Intranets, Verticals, Web Applications and Web Based Systems are our specialty.

Enterprise Software

We build custom software with big data and integration capability. Let us automate I.T.

Mobile Applications

Pace builds Android and IOS applications from UX design right to the app store.

Technology Consultation

Contact us for project assessments, studies, scopes and other technology research.

UX Design

From prototyping, graphic and material design to interface development and story boards

Project Management

Let us run your I.T. projects for you. We speak geek and we mean business.

System Integration

We are experts with APIs, RESTful implementations and inter-platform systems.

Sales Funnel Engineering

Pace converts your market into sales by leading them on an online journey into your cart.


Online Reputation Management is critical in beating the online noise for your brand.

Online Marketing

Pace designs and manages web campaigns that include social media & analytics.

Search Engine Marketing

Pace specializes in Google Adsense, Adwords and Search Engine Optimization.

How it Works

In general Pace uses 3 different approaches in executing I.T. projects. As a client you would be free to choose which approach you are most comfortable with.

1. Quote to Invoice

In simple terms you tell us what you want, we tell you how long its going to take and how much its going to cost you. You pay a deposit and we do the work you pay the balance and we handover the work to you.

Best approach for strict requirements

This approach is great for clients who are looking for something very specific. If you have technical spec or specific improvement for an existing system or you want to create a prototype system for piloting purposes then we advise using this approach. Remember that you will be quoted according to your specification. Anything not specified before quotation including changes will incur extra charges.

Up front deposit payment required

Depending on the nature of the work you will be required to pay a percentage of your quote in advance for work to commence. The amount ranges from 20% to 75% depending on the nature of the project. Should the deposit exceed 55% you would have the option to use 3rd party escrow services for the project.

Optional 3 party escrow

Through our partners Trade Safe, Pace is able to offer optional 3rd party escrow for projects where the deposit exceeds 55% of the total invoice or US$10 000. These transactions will attract an additional fee to cover the cost of the escrow only and use of the escrow facility is at the clients discretion.

2. On Retainer

When you have a set of goals that you want to achieve but you know that your organization can only afford a specific budget or you want to maintain your digital footprint for a fixed monthly cost put Pace on retainer.

Best approach for long term maintenance

Having Pace on a monthly retainer allows you to keep your digital footprint inline with the latest trends or ensure that your systems are always functioning optimally at a predictable cost. This allows you to forecast and budget your technology costs accurately and easily. Services like Online Reputation Management and Online Marketing generally always carry some monthly expenditure and so are well suited to this approach.

Evolves with organizational changes

The modern business world is often changing more rapidly than we have been used to historically. This means that your systems, digital footprint and online presence often need to adapt quickly to take advantage of opportunities or counter specific threats. By having Pace on retainer you have the peace of mind of knowing we are always there so you can adapt your business quickly, without lead time or downtime at a known cost.

Requires a client point of contact

In order for the best results to be achieved using the on retainer approach to your technological need as a Pace client you would need to designate a member of your organization as a liaison to Pace in order to ensure that we as Pace have everything we need from you as a client in order to cater for your needs. Typically this person would be in contact with Pace twice a week.

3. Agile

With our Agile approach we have a continuous delivery method of tackling your objectives. We have bi-monthly planning and evaluation meetings and invoicing happens as work is completed. The project is then achieved in small increments.

Best approach for flexiblility

Pace's agile approach has the advantage of being very flexible. This means that it can cater to your needs even when you do not know precisely what they are and are more interested in focusing on what you want to do. With this approach Pace will hold your hand through the development or improvement of your system and allow you to focus a specific area of development or change. This flexibility extends to budgeting and pricing.

Faster turn around times

With Pace's agile method the focus is on getting a usable system out as fast as possible and having the most used parts of the system in the live environment sooner rather than waiting for everything to be built before releasing something. This means that you can expect a system release within the 1st month of commencing and another release every 2 weeks at minimum.

Ready to start your technology journey with Pace?